Wind Energy

It is the inexhaustible power of wind that produces electrical power without having to provoke any conflicts, nor warming our planet or depleting energy resources for future generations. We don’t appropriate ourselves of the wind because air currents flow across all geopolitical boarders. One doesn’t have to go in search of it because it arrives to us. It doesn’t destroy anything, not even the landscape or the environment, the contrary, it conserves it. Because when our children find new sources and new methods of generating energy, our wind generators can easily be dismantled and recycled so that the landscape will look just as it did before.

The Wind is simply air currents moving between areas with different temperatures and climate conditions, originally triggered by the sun’s energy, therefore, wind power also derives from the sun.

For thousands of years the power of wind has been used for maritime navigation and even by migratory birds. For centuries wind power has been used to transform wheat into flour, to pump water as well as to generate electricity. With the arrival of high-tech systems we have managed to harness the wind’s energy and distribute it to the final consumer through the electrical grid.

Not only does wind literally cross frontiers, but also the electricity it generates has the power to break through boarders via intertwined infrastructures networks, connecting people and nations.
For thousands of years, mankind hast harnessed the power of the wind.