Wind Energy

In today’s age wind power is the fastest growing industry in the world. The potential offered by this “wind boom” allows us to use its advantages in neighboring countries all over Europe, without forgetting our roots. With courage, competence and good ideas our professional partners can look to a promising future.

Why Wind Energy?

  • Wind Energy does not consume fossile energy resources.
  • Wind Energy is completely free of emissions.
  • Wind Energy has no subsequent costs.
  • Wind Energy creates jobs
  • Wind Energy creates wealth
  • Wind Energy creates industry
  • Wind Energy functions decentralized
  • Wind Energy stimulates regions with disadvantaged structural development
  • Wind Energy is free of charge therefore it should never become an issue for conflicts
  • Wind Energy is ideal for underdeveloped regions
  • Wind Energy is the most cost-efficient way to produce energy with renewable resources
  • Wind Energy hardly needs space to operate
  • Wind Energy hardly has a negative environmental impact
Luz de Viento Windfarms produce energy to power the equivalent of 80.000 households.