Wind Energy

The threat for the environment from the burning of fossil fuels and the unpredictable danger of nuclear power is demanding the development of new concepts for XXI century energy generation. Since the beginning of the past decade and since the foundation of Luz De Viento, it has been our goal and reason of existence: To use the inexhaustible source of wind as a beacon for electric power generation.

Did you know?

  • That all energy derives from the sun?
  • That even crude oil, coal and uranium comes from solar energy through a transformation of photosynthesis into biomass and after being stored for millions of years underground to become fossil matter?
  • That during 150 years of worldwide industrialization we have exhausted more than 60% of the planets fossil fuel energy resources?
  • That for thousands of years even at the height of the most sophisticated cultures of humanity such as the Greek, Egyptian, Roman, followed by the more recent Germanic, Indo-Germanic, Latin, Slavic and many more, (prior to the XIX Century) never used fossil fuel based energy resources?
  • That almost all wars in the last 150 years were triggered by the struggle to dominate fossil fuel resources?
  • That the abusive use of oil and coal are generating irreversible damage to our planet?
  • That the extraordinary levels of carbon emissions throughout the world is the main factor to blame for the dramatic climate change, global warming, glacier & polar ice cap recession.
  • That due to the enormous meltdown of the planets’ ice masses, sea levels are rising at such a rate that according to scientific studies an immense areas of sea-bordering land throughout all continents will disappear within the next 70 years, meaning that millions of people will lose their lifestyle nucleus’ across the world.
  • That glacier thawing is what supplies our main water resources, therefore excessive melt-down of ice masses will lead to drying out of water springs and rivers and provoking farmland to become deserted areas?
  • That water is the origin of life and that therefore through the loss of water life will be lost?
The threat to the environment from the burning of fossil fuels and the unpredictable danger of nuclear power demands new concepts for 21 century energy generation.