Due to the vast international experience of LDV’s founding members, Wind Farm promotions have been launched in France, England, Scotland and Austria.

In collaboration with Eólica Navarra S.L. and its respective subsidiary G.E.I. Generación Eólica Internacional, LDV is leveraging on its international market knowledge to initiate projects within the European Union and in the new European member states.

Wind Farms under development

  • Sª del Pedroso WF, 20MW (Málaga, Spain)
  • Harburnhead WF, 70 MW (Scotland)
  • Höbersbrunn WF, 10 MW (Austria)
  • Cerro Cortijo de Guerra WF,, 6 MW (Puerto Real, Spain)
  • Koralpe WF, 20 MW (Austria)
  • Aineck WF, 9MW (Austria)
  • Wirtsnock WF, 40 MW (Austria)
  • India Proyects 150 MW (India)

LUZ DE VIENTO - ENEL VIENTO has wind farms in development in Spain, Scotland, Austria and India.
Luz de Viento has wind farms in development in France, England, Scottland and Austria.