The Wind Farms installed by LUZ DE VIENTO generate energy equivalent to the consumption of 80.000 households, or for a population of about 350.000 inhabitants.

LDV’s Wind Farms have a total production of 207.000.000 kWh, which translates to the equivalent to 69.000 tons of crude oil per year. This means that the electricity produced during the lifespan of these Wind Farms saves an energy consumption of 14.785.714 barrels of crude oil.

It also avoids an Air Pollution volume of:

  • 3. 200 Tons of Sulfur Dioxide (SO2))
  • 1. 110 Tons of Nitrogen Oxide ( NO x)
  • 173. 420 Tons of Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
  • 22. 015 Tons of waste and ashes

With the installation of Wind Farms one protects the landscape for future generations. As they are mechanically constructed stations, they can be dismantled after they have accomplished their lifespan period. As for a conventional plant, be it a thermal power station, nuclear or hydroelectric, these represent very considerable civil engineering construction giants (tons of million of concrete which stay forever or structures which cause permanent flooding to entire regions for hydroelectric power stations). A Wind Farm is 100% dismountable and recyclable. Although at first Wind Farms may cause a visual impact on the long-run they preserve and protect landscapes.

Energy Balance of a Wind Turbine

The electric consumption for the production of a 600 kW wind generator is of 821.000 kWh. The annual production of a wind generator is of 600 kW is of 1.380.000 kWh. Therefore one wind generator produces in 6 months the energy put to use to produce it.

All Wind Farms are equipped with last generation high-performance wind generators. (Enercon/ Vestas).
Wind turbines produce energy with minimal impact on the natural environment, as they can be easily dismantled in the future.