Since its creation Luz De Viento has been a member of "The National Association of Renewable Power Producers" (APPA) and has been involved in the foundation of "The Andalusian Wind Power Association" (APREAN), striving together in our common interests and activities. With these associations and other collaborating partners, Luz De Viento is working on many projects in the renewable energy sector with the goal of achieving a better future with a clean environment, less pollution and a continuous growth.

Promotion of Wind Farms

  • Contracting land
  • Wind Power resources study
  • Environmental and landscape viability study
  • Technical viability study
  • License applications
  • Administrative procedures
  • Project planning
  • Project financing
  • Wind Farm construction
  • Wind Farm operation
Luz de Viento SL is co-founder and partner of multiple renewable energy companies and associations.