Luz de Viento

It all began with the idea that the time had arrived for a new concept, an innovation that things should not simply continue as usual. The threat for the environment from the burning of fossil fuels and the unpredictable danger of nuclear power, have urged the need to develop new concepts in the generation of energy for the XXI century.

Since the beginning of the last decade and since the foundation of Luz De Viento our goal and reason of existence has been to use the inexhaustible source of the wind power to produce electrical energy.

Nowadays wind power is the fastest growing industry worldwide. The potential offered by this “wind boom” allows us to extend our expertise and experience to neighboring countries across Europe without forgetting our roots in Spain. With courage, competence and vision our professional partners can look to a promising future.
In the beginning, the idea emerged to start something new, that “things should not simply continue in the usual way”