Luz de Viento

Luz De Viento was founded in 2000 by Managing Director Karl Khevenhüller.

Our objective is to stimulate the promotion of projects in Spain’s renewable energy sector, particularly in the Andalusian region. Because of Luz de Viento’s specialization in wind power, our primary objective is to promote and develop wind farms as turn-key solutions from conception to completion and continuing through all latter stages of operation and production. We are not a speculative business, but rather are committed to the long-term and continued success of the projects.

During the early stages of the company, LDV concentrated its efforts on acquiring several suitable sites in Spain, especially in Andalusia, and setting in motion the administrative steps for the development permit approvals.

In October 2003 LDV signed a cooperation agreement and went into partnership with Spain’s Eólica Navarra S.L. (Grupo ENHOL).
Luz de Viento was founded in 2000, and has its’ roots in the Aandalusia region of Spain.